Summer Intermission, Making Time for Life

I'm running away.

I'm wearing a sundress and running barefoot with Benny on the grass. Feeling the sunshine on my skin, the breeze in my hair, and joy in my heart.

I'm running away. I'm shrinking into the skinny, short-haired tomboy I used to be. Forgetting adult words like bills, payments, work, coworkers, politics, race, and hate.

I'm running away. Walking and running in spurts, over green, green grass. Jumping over weeds, showing Benny that it's ok to not be afraid, to be silly sometimes.

I'm running away. I'm eating a sandwich sitting on the steps. Licking the messy fingers, and drinking straight from a bottle of root beer.

I'm running away. Benny sitting beside me, wondering what the crazy, talking monkey lady is doing now. Laughing to herself.

I'm running away, because tomorrow, tomorrow is my vacation day.