Summer Summer Don't Go Away

My vacation day on Friday was AWESOME!

It also allowed me to take care of some errands that I needed to check off my to-do list for a while, now. One of which involved spending 3 hours at the local Turtle Wax trying to get the car detailed for the first time since I bought it in early January. It was a tough three hours to wait. I was so famished at the end, I could only think about food and drink.

Benny enjoying grass-sitting time
But it wasn't all hurry up and wait. Benny and I had lots of grass-sitting time under the shade of our favorite tree.

I even remembered to take the dry cleaning pile off to the dry cleaners. I apparently had enough of tripping over it each time I went in and out of the walk-in closet. It had become more of a trip-in/trip-out closet in reality of late.

Saturday was quite eventful, I woke up with an allergy-induced teary left eye, which became a weeping eye for the remainder of the day. Ignoring the little issue with the eye, I went downtown Chicago to take a closer look at the Pepsi Tall Ships event that had been going on at Navy Pier, and that I heard so much about.

Of course, once there, I ran into this lovely little kiosk selling cotton sundresses, so I had to buy one immediately, because my capris and tee shirt were sticking to me by then, and I'd only been around about 1/2 an hour! It was a scorcher that day.

It was fun seeing all the different ships anchored, but waiting over an hour to get on a ship after paying $20 is definitely not my idea of what to do on a hot, sweltery day. Still, I loved the ships, I got to go on the Inland Seas which is used for teaching children marine biology and other sciences. She was a beaut!

It reminded me of the times many ages ago, when my parents used to take me on our little boat in the Gulf of Tigullio in Italy.

Alas, it was a hot and sweaty day (did I mention how hot it was?), and I needed to sit and intake sustenance ASAP at around 4 pm. I headed to Bubba Gump's at Navy Pier, where the kind hostess took pity on me and hustled me to a seat cause I was by myself. It's the first time in history that something that cool has happened to me, lol.

If that hadn't me over the moon yet, the waiter I got was a total riot and kept calling me boo and asking me interesting trivia (what's the best thing about being shot in the buttocks at war? what was Forrest's girlfriend's name? Why is life a box of chocolates? What goes around a fence but does not go inside? etc.) He stumped me when he got to the twins who are 20 years old joke. I was a little too done-in by the sun by then, so I simply kept sipping on my Bubba Gump speckled lemonade with a big smile. I had so much fun there I can't wait to go back!

I can haz summer fun. ^_^