Tools of Warfare

Early this past week a friend emailed me something in relation to why military cadets persevere through military training. The main point was that only those committed to long-term goals are able to put up with the conditions they are put through during the training phase.

Wow. That totally opened up a whole new understanding of the military, and helped me separate politics from the military in my mind, finally.

So in a similar vein, I've had for some time a casual acquaintance on Facebook, who has a military background (served in Iraq). On Thursday evening he posted a photo of himself with a very handsome firearm (a bushmaster rifle I found out). I reached out to him over Facebook chat, asking what kind was it and how often he went to the firing range to practice. A super guy he is, he was very open and pleasant at answering my couple of questions.

My grandfather's active duty during WWII in the British army involved artillery. I remember that he was always fond of wheeled cannons. He received a miniature wheeled cannon as a gift from my mother, and he displayed it proudly on top of a living room cabinet in my grandparents' apartment in Italy.

Since my perspective towards the military has been mostly biased by a negative view of politics, it was very refreshing experiencing both the cadet training conversation, and learning about my friend's bushmaster rifle.This all has enlivened my curiosity about weaponry. So I decided to begin looking up info in a quick wiki scan.

This makes for a closer look at the military news and aerospace (NASA in particular) trending topics that I've always been a fan of. Now some brief, occasional scans on firearm technology seems like a fun new reading hobby that opens my mind up to new worlds.