The USS Midway

One of the benefits of coming to my company's annual conference, for the attendees, is the numerous, behind-the-scenes tours we offer to showcase local logistics and supply chain related...er...things.

This year is a sold out tour of the USS Nimitz, which is calling port in San Diego, California to refit and head back out to duty at either Afghanistan or Iraq. Now, of course, being staff we don't get to go on the Nimitz...but I know someone who is going and I will be grilling him ;) for all the juicy details!

Photo borrowed from the
2007 Preserve America Presidential Award Winner Photos

So last time (2004 or 2005) I visited San Diego (which was also my first visit by the way!) for conference I invited mom to join me. The significant other unit had declined, even though I had made special arrangements for his birthday...

So part of mom's and my adventures together included a whirlwind tour of the USS Midway, a retired aircraft carrier that's now essentially a floating museum.

I've read up on it again this time, because I want to visit it and take my sweet time to absorb as much as possible. There's a self-guided audio tour, 25 restored aircraft, and the possibility to walk through with a docent who can properly explain everything.

It's just a matter of deciding when to go... right now I think I could get away with going as soon as I land on the Saturday, but I do need to also report for duty at the convention center. Decisions, decisions!

I really liked seeing the USS Midway the first time around because it brought me back memories of when I visited the Queen Mary anchored in Long Beach, CA in the 1980s, or else, when my mom and I talked to British and American officers as their frigates called port in Veracruz, Mexico, where I grew up.

Here's me crossing my fingers that I get to tour the Midway! ;)