Word of the Day

Was reading an article about the difference between marriages, unions, and domestic partnerships when I realized a good word to use for how legislation is making folks feel is estranged.

Estrange - To cause to feel less close or friendly; alienate; To remove from an accustomed place or set of associations.

Basically, it pushes you past your comfort zone, yet in a way that doesn't allow you to foresee and cope appropriately. Usually denoting hostility due to the brashness of the action.

Personally, I think less people should look for domestic partnerships, marriage, and other unions and work more on building themselves up as solid, educated, competent, and social individuals.

There's too much opiate of the masses style behavior these days, where people do things because they get swept up by the current in society. Many don't make decisions because they *really, really* want to do something. And that's a crying shame. But more serious is when someone wants to do that something that they *really, really* want to do, and someone gets in their way. That's just wrong.