It's been windy lately, and the season's been visibly a-changing for a couple of weeks now. Last Friday I had a sudden, debilitating hibernation attack. I took a nap after coming home from work and walking Benny. Anyone who knows me, also knows I *never* take naps, unless I'm ill.

So as last Friday was a particularly cool and windy day, I wrapped myself in my new, thick, woolen sweater from Eddie Bauer and napped on and off with Benny keeping guard on the bed, next to me. My body didn't seem to react well to the abrupt change in weather.

So harsh, this change from summer days to autumn nights. I have no idea why, but fatigue kicks in, lackluster energy levels drag me down. I have a hard time focusing. A counselor I saw in 2008 mentioned it might be a light touch of the seasonal blues so, at her suggestion, I purchased a special therapy light, which is on my bed-side table. But I'm not really sure it does anything except annoy me with its blue halo of fluorescent light. I hate fluorescent light!

The movie Chocolat came to mind a few nights ago. I bought the movie on iTunes and watched it last night. This is an unusual movie for me to like, since I don't usually do chick flicks. Ah but this one is different. I like the nonconformists in this movie. The heroine in particular is dogged by the Northerly wind, an unmovable force that calls her to a duty her mother indoctrinated her into. The Northerly wind which always moves her to the next new adventure, to dispense her ancient chocolate remedies to yet-unknown friends in need. She fights against this indoctrination in the end and wins. A very romantic proposition indeed. However, also a movie that proves to be good food for the soul.

True cocoa, the real stuff, even in non-conformist concoctions such as those showcased in the movie...can actually help soothe an achy soul. At least in my case. Watching the movie while sipping Abuelita chocolate with 2% milk and with a 1/8 of a teaspoon of cayenne pepper partially did the trick. The actual effort it takes to blend (by hand, I don't like using the blender) the thick, dark cinnamony chocolate triangles in scalding milk, plus the pleasant kick provided by a smidgen of cayenne. All in my favorite, oversized Fiesta mug, of course. This really made it an experience.

I wish there were such things as banana marshmallows, because I think they would make the perfect topping for a hot steaming cup of cayenne Abuelita.

Here's to varied and satisfying battening down of the hatches, ahead of cooler temperatures.