Movies, TV Shows, and More...Oh My!

This was supposed to be an active weekend, what with the Mexican patriotic celebrations in downtown Aurora (didn't go, too rainy), the Italian fest at Navy Pier (didn't even give downtown a thought!), the Art Festival in Naperville (crowded), the 6 months till Paddy's Day celebration at Quigleys (made it! fun that)...

I ended up vegging most of the weekend, catching up with TV shows and movies that I've intended to watch for a while. It's not a total time waste/antisocial recluse reaction/escapist fantasy if you're actually chipping away at a long to-watch list...is it? ^_^;

The TV shows I caught up with, were:
  • A Year in Provence (BBC/A&E) CD 1, which arrived via mail from Netflix and that I so wished to revisit since its run in the early 90s on A&E; I am on a tiny little French kick lately, what with Chocolat and this little gem. I love this story as it's hilarious as it is entertaining and informative about the culture in southern France.
  • Being Human (BBC 3) a supernatural dramedy about a werewolf, vampire, and ghost who cohabitate in a Bristol flat; sometimes you wonder whether they're trying to be human, or just trying to cope with their very human reactions. Great acting and interesting story.
  • True Blood's season finale (quite the unresolved ending that one). I'm a little sick of Bill's hiding info from Sookie, Sookie's continued involvement in the lifestyle (risking life and limb), and Eric's hero one moment-antihero the next philosophy. And don't forget those cryptic sentences he whispers to Sookie! I can't wait till next season to what else they cook up! ^_^
Some of the movies I watched were:
  • Kung Fu Hustle, an Asian/martial arts dramedy which featured surreal martial arts, and a fun if a little convoluted storyline
  • Moon, a study in successful soliloquy that mixes sci-fi and conspiracy theories in equal amounts, quite successfully.
  • Murder By Death, a respectable offering in the murder mystery comedy genre. And a cast, that OMG, is worth its weight in gold.

All excellent choices, which provided a decent balance of to-see checklist checking off and escapist pleasure. Alas, so much laptop watching caused a kink in my spot-free headache run, getting me one around Sunday morning that intensified horribly by Sunday evening. Thank you ibuprofen liquid caps, for saving the day.

I even got my wish, to visit the Bavarian Lodge in Lisle (the hugest beer list you'll ever see in your life), after being turned away numerous times due to an overflowingly full parking lot. I finally gorged on a bowl of that delicious Hungarian goulash, side of spaetzle, and side of sauerkraut that I've been jonesing for quite a while. And don't forget the apricot kolachky. OMG. Spectacular. I don't drink beer, but these guys know their beer. My God do they ever!

I also went to the stylist to get this newfangled Brazilian blowout treatment, which helps hair stay sleeker, longer (3 months + or -). After one hair wash and airdry, it's proven worth the investment. Here's hoping the good results stick around well into my stint working onsite at our annual global conference next week, in San Diego. Last time, it rained and was foggy the entire week.

I guess this still turned out to be quite the active weekend, even if I didn't get to all the places I originally intended to, I covered quite a bit of ground. :o)

Here's to a great start to your week, wherever and whenever that kicks off for ya.