Disarming the Narcissist: Surviving & Thriving With the Self-AbsorbedI'm reading this superb book by Wendy Behary, Disarming the Narcissist. I'm practically done after reading it in about 2 hours today.

I was grabbing the He's Just Not That Into You book off the self-help shelf under the Psychology section at Borders, and as I was walking away, I saw this other book in a nearby shelf. It really caught my eye.

I've oftentimes experienced a sense of fatigue and incomprehension at narcissistic behavior either at home or in the workplace. It took me a long time to figure out those people don't really realize what they're doing, how others are feeling about it, and how they look by behaving that way.

It's important to have compassion and put oneself in the other person's shoes, but it's also a matter where your own self-esteem and assertiveness need to come into play...along with some fast thinking.

I really enjoyed reading this book. I actually got it as a combination self-help and how to figure out so and so.

I guess I'd call this light reading, since it was a straightforward, easy psychology/counseling read. Much in the way my social psychology coursework kinda was earlier this year.

Good reading, and it can definitely be of help to those finding themselves in the defensive, fatigued by constant barraging from a narcissist in their lives.