Dang it. It's getting near into oatmeal weather. That thick, Irish/Scottish type, which takes at least 30 minutes to cook. Not the yucky, fake, flaky stuff that flies everywhere as you're pouring hot water on it.

For some reason I decided to look up what's considered a proper breakfast in Scotland. I have an infatuation with Scotland. And it's no surprise their breakfast is quite meat intensive: white pudding, sausage, black pudding, haggis. Why do they say Americans eat too much meat, ever see what the other side of the pond slops on their breakfast plates? They use suet!

It all actually does look quite delicious, however. Particularly oatcakes. I may try to make some, but the potato (or tattie) scone sounds even better, almost like huge gnocchi ^_^ I'm sure it rivals Cracker Barrel's famous biscuits.

There was a funny quip and exchange over oats, that I wanted to quote because it had me giggling:

"Samuel Johnson referred, disparagingly, to this staple diet in his dictionary definition for oats:
A grain, which in England is generally given to horses, but in Scotland supports the people.
Lord Elibank was said by Sir Walter Scott to have retorted
Yes, and where else will you see such horses and such men?."

I learned about Samuel Johnson's dictionary in one of my writing classes, probably Rhetorical Theory, which covered a lot of the classics in passing. Of course, men who wear woolen, knee-length skirts in such cold weather need to be admired for that alone. ^_^

Good times. I better take out my magic can of Scottish oats from the pantry, and start creating something delicious for these cooler mornings!