Persephone's Trip to the Underworld

If you are sensitive (aka, have feelings against) the occult, mythology, and pagan beliefs, you may want to skip this one. I was going to share this on my Facebook, but there are too many Christian and Catholic friends there who could potentially take this the wrong way :o(

Llewellyn is one of my favorite book publishers. They target metaphysical, occult, and astrology buffs mostly...tho of late they've ventured into aliens--which kinda ticks me off, but a publisher's got to survive, ya know?

One of their posts on their Facebook page today, was just lovely, really. It was a well-written story on the mythology behind the change of seasons. It's titled "Mabon: Journeying With Persephone." Mabon is the Pagan celebration of the autumn equinox. Here is Wiki's entry for Perspephone.

from my Flickr Autumn Album
The story's goal is two-fold: it brings people's attention to the change in seasons (particularly those celebrating a religious holiday Sep 22), and enlightens the reader at large about the mythology behind autumn and spring. A really well-written story.

To those who celebrate tomorrow, happy Mabon!

I merely hope to note the equinox and "official" change of season, in my own way. Mostly I hope to begin readying myself a for the cooler temps and seasons ahead of us. Oh yeah and start my mental packing list for Saturday. Sheesh, can't believe conference time is here already! @_@

Happy change of seasons! May autumn bring you colors and joys to treasure and keep you warm during the colder nights.