Reading Update

The only downside to reading He's Just Not That Into You is that you realize how very few people really are into you. It makes anyone feel like it's safer to stick to multi-player games online and never venture out for human contact again. Once you have a pet, why need humans? That's my new policy...er...or maybe not.

By the way, it took me *way* too much effort (Target, Best Buy, Walmart, Borders) to find this book in a brick and mortar store. It was strange. I made my way out into the world, to interact with fellow humans, and I was almost forced to go back online to purchase the book because no one had it. I was adamant I would purchase this book among other human beings, in person, in a brick and mortar store! Go figure, this reminds me an awful lot of the chicken and the egg...what came first the online obsession or did real life turn you into an online obsessee? Only a few of us have the answer mwahahaha. And we're not telling.

And the downside to reading Hef's Little Black Book is that you realize how tricky it is to get serendipity/luck and hard work percentages just right, while not really thinking about it, so that you actually make something of yourself. Oh and don't forget the baby oil (don't ask, don't tell).