The Well-Accessorized Woman

This year will go down in history as my year where I gave up purses.

I began experimenting with just taking my wallet and iPhone around back in spring. No keychain needed ever since I got a keyless ignition vehicle. All my membership cards are stored on my iPhone's Cardstar app.

Wow I just re-read and it makes me seem far more organized than I am! ^_^;

I have been going through one of my early autumn wallet/purse crises over the last month. I typically start looking for new bags or wallets around this time of year. I chuck it up to pre-conference jitters. Yeah right!

So I need a new wallet. Ever since I gave up purses I went through a series of large-sized wallets--the types you can actually fit a check book inside, even though I didn't need to.

Well, I didn't like them. They were too large. It made me feel like an Italian grandmother out at the market...then I found out magnetic clasps demagnetize hotel keys and credit cards. Not fun. The positive side, was that I never forgot either my wallet nor my phone when I switched. Brownie points.

I downsized to my Etsy zippy pouch (Boutique Aqua Cherry Blossoms Zippered Mini Pouch) sometime in June. Said zippy pouch is now filthy and...well, the girly quotient has always been a little high since it's floral and in soft colors.

Thursday, as I was perusing the purse and wallet department in Von Maur the skies parted, angelic voices vibrated in falsetto, and a light shone down onto my new, favorite wallet. It's the wallet for the ages: a Coach zippered pouch.

This could definitely pass for a mini-me version of Coach's now famous wristlets. Except it's about half the size.

I'm not usually a fan of Coach because their line is repetitious, and people seem to enjoy purchasing and proudly showcasing their Coach products up on high. Let's face it. It's been one of those fads that just won't die.

But this, my new favorite wallet, was too perfect to pass up. Yes, when fads strike, I hide--but there's no hiding from a perfect wallet when it appears magically in front of you!

It's pretty much the same size as my iPhone. I am officially free now, to just grab the essentials and go!