Netflix is a great, not too expensive service to watch movies online, on your smart phone, and via mailed CD. 

The online or instant view is absolutely priceless. You can watch as many television shows and movies as you want...though I did notice that the most recent releases weren't yet available except on CD.

I signed up last month for an account at Netflix and got their typical free preview. My plan is the $8.99 that comes with unlimited instant view (that includes free instant view on my iPhone natch) and one CD out at a time. I could be mistaken but I believe it's $1 less than when I signed up back in 2005-ish.

Lots of friends are recommending me television shows and movies to watch. I alsogot hooked on another friend's recommendation, Red Dwarf a British television show that ran in the late eighties and up to the late nineties about a man stuck on a space station with a hologram, a cat person, and the ship's computer. It's quite funny actually, and I got hooked because it reminds me of the MST3K back story. Except it's in a serial version, and with a British accent :o)