Today's Flavor: A Meaningless Diary of Coffee Tasting

Ever since I started drinking iced coffee earlier this summer, I've started developing some very distinct preferences.

Which is kinda fun but I still don't know what I'm doing really. Kind of like when people talk about wine having a note of berries and chocolate, and you go "huh? Yeah. Kinda like that.

So here's the latest rundown of my experiments and what I thought of them. Most of this is a rehash of prior coffee-themed posts if you're a regular reader around these here parts.

Chock Full o Nuts
I really like Chock Full o Nuts iced coffee, plain or with a little skim milk. I have it whenever my French Market buddy and I go to the Lisle French Market (farmers market) on certain Saturday mornings. Chock Full o Nuts' store is in Lisle too. Which is convenient, since we had to visit there this past Saturday. They hadn't set up a booth at the farmers market and my friend and I gasped in horror.Worse of all, we found out the entire chain has currently run out of datenut bread for their famous datenut bread and cream cheese (mmm) treat. Something about the supplier closing. Eek! Their pumpkin muffin wasn't bad tho.

Dunkin Donuts
Next best coffee that I've tasted so far is Dunkin Donuts' iced coffee, plain, with cream (it tastes *really* good), or with skim milk. I really hated Dunkin Donuts' pumpkin latte -- not quite real tasting. They also have some great breakfast sandwiches that go great with iced coffee for breakfast.

Then we have Starbucks. I can take their iced coffee straight up, but prefer it with nonfat milk. I did a little experiment and I found a difference between their iced latte (a little acidic, but less so than the iced coffee) and their hot latte (smoother tasting). All around, I think I prefer Starbucks' iced latte to their iced coffee. I tried the pumpkin spice latte and today, I got the mix right: iced, 2 pump, nonfat, pumpkin spice latte. Not bad at all.

Yesterday I had my first mocha in about 9 years. It was gritty tasting, and I didn't like it the more the ice melted. Gritter and not quite natural tasting.

Caribou Coffee
I don't know if this is a particular instance, or if it's at all stores, but the worst iced coffee I've tasted this summer was at my local Caribou, on Eola Road. I think it went beyond burnt beans and acidic taste. It could have been rancid or on the heater all day. It was so bad it was scary.

So besides the fun of experimenting, I got addicted to the ritual of going and getting a coffee drink. I'm pretty sure the caffeine tires me out at the end of the day, so I'm also working on detoxing every other day or so at the very least. Back when I started this coffee drinking experiment, the original impetus was a test to see the diuretic properties of coffee.

Well, I think it's a new hobby, this tasting of various iced coffees and related products. At least it keeps me out of trouble haha!

How do you like your coffee?