A Cappuccino We Will Make

I got cappuccino crazy after I came back from Italy. Over there I only had 2-3 total during my trip, but the taste is so unlike any coffee you have in the US that it really does merit its very own obsession. At least I think so!

So the day after I came back from my trip I went to the Italian grocery store by my office, Frankie's, and purchased Segafredo Deca Crem. The next day in Naperville, at Caputo's, I purchased a Bialetti Mokka Express 9-cup espresso stove-top pot.

I've had a tiny stove top model since '01 or so, which was not branded and which made way too little coffee.

everything tastes better in Fiestaware
but we already had a good start here!
I've also had a full-on cappuccino machine that I got one Christmas back around '02, before we were married. But there's really no experience quite like frothing your own scalded milk in my Bodum french press. Yes. That's how I'm frothing milk. It works!

And...the organic demerara sugar makes it delicious in a way that white sugar simply cannot. I noticed that in Italy they give you the option of white or demerara sugar when you're at an autogrill or standing at the bar. My parents have been using demerara since '99! ^_^

I love the entire experience from setup to clean up, with this new little ritual I developed. And it's breezy enough to do on mornings before heading out of the house. Plus, really, when you consider how delicious the resulting coffee is...there's no hassle at all really. Trust me!

Everyone needs a little ritual in their life, especially if it makes them happy! ;o)