Cereal Review: Bear Naked Peak Protein

I've been trying a variety of muesli and granola products over the past couple of years. My strong preference has been higher protein and less processing, though this isn't always possible.

In September I tried Bear Naked's Peak Protein granola, and hated it! It's mostly manufactured bits versus actual granola with higher protein goodies interspersed within.

It becomes very mushy and untasty the longer it remains in liquid. I've tried this with 2% dairy, unsweetened rice milk, and with unsweetened almond milk. It's tasted more sour the longer I left it (accidentally mind you) in my almond milk.

It's definitely higher protein than the other Bear Naked products, but because of my preconception about what granola is and how this product actually ended up being/looking like, I feel like I wouldn't feel comfortable buying this again. That and the terrible taste.

One spoon.