Cereal Review: Familia Muesli

In October I purchased Familia Swiss Low Fat Müesli from the Jewel-Osco grocers nearest my workplace. I wanted it to be my work breakfast cereal.

I really liked that, although this was a packaged cereal, the consistency and ingredients matched what my expectation of what muesli should be: oats, dried fruits, and nuts.

Best of all, this was low fat, a major concern when enjoying muesli--since all the dried goodies add up.

I found this cereal to not maintain shape and crunch well when left in liquid too long (accidentally) but the flavor was always there.

I tried this with a little skim milk carton from our downstairs cafeteria, as well as with unsweetened almond milk I got from the health food store. It's delicious either way.

I would definitely purchase this again.

Four spoons.