Finding Warmth in the Strangest Places

Yesterday I got to take my favorite niece and (not so favorite! J/K) significant-other unit to the Arboretum. We had discussed going with my niece all summer long, and yet were unable to make the plans a reality. We finally had our chance yesterday!

I also wanted to take advantage of a free visitor pass I got when I renewed my membership, and which expired at the end of the month.

We went around lunch time so we enjoyed some grub from the nice cafeteria. On our way out we visited the shop, which now had some new inventory from my last visit. Then took a drive to the East and West sections to enjoy the gorgeous grounds.

As the significant-other unit said sarcastically, I could be a tour guide now.

But let me bring you back a notch, to when we were in the store. They had some amazing holiday themed items, a new fir aromatic product line prominently on display, and their usual suspects as well. This all conspired to get me spending, though it also helped me get an early start (some might say not so early!) on gifts for this upcoming holiday season.

Two particular items that rocked my shopping spree world were San Diego Hat Company knit beret  and a matching knit ascot scarf -- both in a pink-berry color.

Previous exposure to knit ascot scarves involved one that an older relative had hand-crafted and sent me when we had just moved to the US. It was silvery and gray, and meant to be worn to special occasions. Which I thought was really weird and unusable for said reasons.

Now, however, with wisdom and 20/20 hindsight, the intrinsic value of that scarf is immeasurable. The dear, sweet lady has passed on after a terrible bout of Alzheimers and other ailments. I hope I find that scarf in my parents weekend home on my next visit, since it's been ages since I've spotted it--and I would never forgive myself for accidentally sending it on to the goodwill store.

I seriously undermined the versatility and usefulness of ascot scarves in the past. Not this year. Particularly in view of my neck issues over the past year.

So with whatever little trendy accessory you chose to adorn yourself, wishes that you stay warm and happy. Oh and happy holiday shopping--may they all be perfect gifts...and good steals!