OK So today I felt the urge to eat. And I mean really eat. Something yummy needed to be located, attacked, and devoured.

So after gassing up my car I headed to Tom & Eddie's across the street from where I work. They're what I call a contemporary, fast-casual burger joint. Very a la California.

It's great going here because they have an Ahi burger (Islander) which is spectacularly spicy and very Pan-Asian. I loved it last time I came. Plus they have spectacular meat burgers and other stuff like salads and milkshakes. Check out their menu.

Their expertise in these fantastic, specialty meaty dishes makes walking in a sexy-dangerous line to walk if you're a pescatarian like me. Yes. Good food is sexy!
om nom nom

Today I opted to make my own burger, by selecting the Ahi Tuna, pepper jack, spicy mayo, fried onions on ciabatta with a side of french fries.

The spicy mayo is oh-so-perfect with the onions. Oh, and their seasonal pumpkin pie shake. To.Die.For. It's also perfect to drown out any fire the spiciness in your selected entree might light up in yer taste buds.

BONUS: Their takeaway box is biodegradable, which is AWESOME.

Yep that's about a whole week and a half worth of calories. But I earned it!