Girly Intermission

upside down antique owl bobby pins
About 2-3 weeks ago I happened upon the Claire's website for some weird reason. The happy result of this strange and unusual event, was that I fell in love with a pair of bobby pins featuring a lovely little owl face and feathery wings on each.

It's almost like a new version of the now-forgotten wings pins they used to give kids as they boarded planes.

If you notice on the image on the right...the people who post items on the Claire's website didn't notice they had the little owls upside down.

Well they're right side up on my hair right now as I speak. I loved these because they remind me of my little friend (here and here).

Since I was at Claire's I bought some accessories I thought the two women in my family whom I owe holiday presents would enjoy.

my very own owl pins
However, I must say that the candy-sweet music and bright pastel colors made me a little dizzy and panic-attacky feeling. Not to mention the Justin Bieber paraphernalia in one corner caught me by surprise. *shiver*

I may very well have two extra cavities after having been to this store...

They did have some really cool hair stuff tho and some adorable beaded flower stretchy rings too. So if you're looking for gifts or need to dress up your look for any occasion this holiday season...get yerself yonder and find tons of possibilities.

Luckily I had in hand my medium, spicy mocha from Caribou (only $2+tax today) so I could reconstitute my senses in time to check out. Which went smoothly as I had $20 or more in purchases and earned a $10 off coupon for next time...I'm sure I'll need some other stuff? Maybe holiday-themed stuff. Will see.