my ghoulish front door
I usually look forward to Halloween, but because of the whirlwind over the past month or so, I kinda almost missed the enthusiasm this year.

However, I did get my faux pumpkins and other wacky decorations out in time. On Saturday night mind you!

But I guess it was worth it because we met our all-time high of little ghouls and goblins. We got three groups at around or just over 6 kids total.

We have way too many Hersheys minis left over, but we can freeze them for next year mwahahah just kidding. They won't last long in our house!

I took some pix of the stuff I put out to help scare the little ghouls and vamps and uploaded them to my Flickr Halloween album.

I hope your celebration, if you chose to celebrate, was a fun- and whimsy-filled one!

Today is All Saints Day. A great celebration of our past and our loved ones who have passed on, in both Mexico and my native Italy.