New Find: Strange But Amazing Art

Not since my discovery of Mark Ryden have I found an artist that moved and piqued my interest as much as Jessica Harrison.

I found her by sheer happenstance (just like I did Mark, several years ago), bu this time via a Tweet from @GuyKawasaki.

She has a spectacularly twisted approach to her subjects. Furniture that look like genitals, porcelain statuettes of ladies with horrible disfigured heads or other extremities.

Harrison takes what is expected and comfortable and puts the most unusual in the middle.

The attention to detail is spectacular--it forces you to look at and lean in closer, before you realize it, to the scary, monstrous, or otherwise unsavory-looking strange bits.  You have to look, full on, at the dedication she applied to each piece, you can't squirm or look away.

I just love it. All of it!