Personal Library

My organized CD collection
Ever since I finally got around to organizing my CD collection, I began mulling over the thought of organizing my personal book library. Well a need to clean up the book collection is now downright gnawing at me.

As the years go by, my books have gotten a little out of hand. I've carelessly begun stuffing them any which way they fit on our IKEA EXPEDIT bookcase--since shelf space has been at a premium for a while now. When there's no more room, I stuff them in the nearby tower of plastic drawers from Target. Tacky.

You can't see photos of the books and drawers, it's too obscene. But they are immediately across the way from where the boxes in the photo are located. Notice the nice, tight crop on this photo, I wanted to make sure it looked orderly ha-ha!

Procrastination, what sweet melody you play just for mine ears ;o) This lack of organization, besides making me feel unnerved each time I walk by the loft bookshelf, certainly makes enjoying the books far harder than it should be. The aesthetic pleasure of seeing well-groomed bookshelves has escaped me for far too long!

Right now, removing one of the books kicks off a domino effect of several books tumbling down after it. Definitely not the type of organizational style that's my trademark. I'm a little embarrassed, actually!

Our IKEA EXPEDIT bookcase weighs a ton empty, natch. And the plastic drawers from Target hardly a proper home's decor they make. But imagine the lovingly restored order of bookshelves with categorized and alphabetized books resplendent and dust free! And art, lots of currently tubed-up art that could be hung above said bookshelves. Lovely image that one!

I would like to have a proper filing cabinet too. Last month, I cleaned out tons of old paper files and shredded them--yet plenty of hanging files still call the tacky plastic drawers home.

Although my dream of having lit, glass doored, IKEA BILLY bookcases may be far away yet, I certainly can begin alphabetizing my books and categorizing them in separate piles as fiction or non-fiction.

Even though the perfectionist in me says: "Don't bother doing something if you're not going to do it all the way and well!" I think that tackling large projects like this one step at a time makes me feel less anxious about the mess and gets the final result one step closer. Better to at least try than not try at all, eh?

But first things first. This weekend is holiday decor and tidying up mode. And then the afternoons I can try and tackle the books. Yes. That seems reasonable. I feel better already.

Ever find yourself driven nutty by your own procrastination or the size of the project before you?