Eyes Bigger Than One's Stomach

I love that saying. It reminds me of cute kids who open their eyes wide when presented with either their dream toy or something spectacularly sweet and delicious.

For adults, however, having one's eyes bigger than their stomach eventually leads to unhealthy eating habits.

But what does make adults typically open up their eyes in innocent, joyful wonder anymore? We're a little jaded, we are. What with diets, exercise regimes, bosses, workplaces, commutes...there's sadly few opportunities for pure, unadulterated joy...and when those opportunities come around, they're over faster than we can blink.

So during this holiday season, I would like to urge everyone to find something or someone who makes you feel indulgent, childlike, and joyful and completely dive into that experience. If one's smart, there'll be plenty of opportunity to sprinkle it in without gorging all at once.

I'm personally indulging in some cooking again. Which is actually something that strikes my fancy as soon as hibernation-worthy weather hits our state.

I began researching English food a little more in earnest. This time on Flickr. There's nothing better than ogling at people's platefuls of food without embarrassing oneself, and from the comfort and caloric-safety of one's laptop!

I've decided to begin hoarding some staples to soon enough practice my English breakfast skills. I went to Cost Plus World Market this afternoon after work--and after walking Benny and doing 30 minutes on the treadmill.

English and Swiss Cheese plate with
Picallilly and HP Brown sauce
My acquisitions are Heinz beans, tomato soup, and spotted dick; McVitties plain Digestives; Tunnock's tea cakes (Scottish); Bird's custard powder, and Batchelor's Mushy. As soon as we get some eggs, I will practice making oat cakes and get me some English breakfast made.

Can't wait.

Anywho, whatever your little joyful project may be this holiday season, make sure you share! Many folks get caught up in sad, repetitious, labor-intensive dutiful activities and leave very little to truly enjoy the season, and what it stands for. Let's open our hearts to inspiration, and other good things that can come our way!

Happy holidays, and merry joy-finding :)