I Made a Tea, Ma!

I made a tea blend online at Adagio.com. Adagio's world of loose tea takes my imagination on a whirling whimsical tour of my favorite hot libation. Love it.

I recently discovered this company when discussing a new tea shop that had set up in downtown Naperville with a good gal pal of mine. She thought it was Argo Tea, but I found out through the magic that is the Naperville Downtown holiday magazine that it was actually Adagio!

I immediately went online to look 'em up. There's no way a tea shop opens up in my neck of the woods and I don't know about it! LOL

They have various sizes of each of their teas, including a very easy $2 sample size. So taking advantage, I grabbed a sample size of a large majority of their grapefruit teas. I also bought a large size of their appetite suppressing tea, not because I need appetite suppression, but because it sounded delicious! It has grapefruit, almond, and vanilla. It smells just like plum pudding. Luv it!

So the blend I created is uber simple, it's hibiscus and orange. I fell in love with hibiscus tea in Mexico, where it's served cold with lots of sugar at parties. It's one of the famous aguas frescas Mexicans enjoy on hot summer days and nights.

Here's the link to my lil ole blend.

What with the weather being an almost white out with blowing wind and snow, there's no better day than one where you sit to surf on the laptop with a steaming-hot pot of tea and your favorite cup.