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I consider myself a usually sensitive and keenly perceptive individual. However, for the life of me, I will never ever ever understand why the significant-other unit always needs to tell me when he's going to the bathroom to make a #2 deposit.

It's happened while at the table at a restaurant: I will be going #2 when we get home. It's also happened during times when our niece is present. That's kind of a specially embarrassing situation right there.

I mean, has he heard or read somewhere that the incidence of deathly accidents rises exponentially when middle-aged men go make a download in the porcelain throne? Unsure.

Is that a method of assuring his own safety? Notify your next of kin when you enter the home's most dangerous environment?

I wish he was as urged to employ notification of those around him when he decides to be on the phone, and therefore, emotionally, mentally, and physically unavailable for hours on end. Sometimes while making said download. :S

This was kindly and thoughtfully brought to you by the TMI files.