Recipe: Broccoli Quiche

before oven
I bought 8 mini tartlet/pie tins (they kind of look like this) from Cost Plus World Market, and felt it was the perfect opportunity to get pie baking.

I've been mulling over pie made from scratch ever since I saw a video on the New York Times about easy pie crust for Thanksgiving.

So inspiration hit. Tonight's dinner just had to be quiche. I got the broccoli quiche recipe here, and the pie crust recipe here.
after oven

I'm also testing out a new way of cooking up recipes, by placing all the ingredients out on containers ready to use, before I start mixing stuff up together.

I think this way, which is how usually all the great chefs on TV do it, makes it easier to plan out the ingredients ahead of time--versus starting to mix and realizing something is missing midway through.

Can't wait for the next crusty experiment. ^_^