Wine 101

Especially around the holiday season, folks tend to gather more for food-related events. Many choose to gift their hosts and hostesses adult libations as a way to 1) be thankful for being invited, 2) make the party merrier, and 3) helping make the drinking options more palatable to said guest in particular (yes a little selfish, but it works). Wine is on the top of the list as a tasteful gift during these occasions, and has gained a bit of a renaissance in America in particular. 

I recently discovered a great feature on the Wall Street Journal website, which is basically their tagging particular posts or articles with Wine 101 whenever they engage the reader in the basics/pleasures of enjoying and consuming wine.

These brief articles or posts are exceptionally straight forward and a pleasure to read. I'm working my way through them at a good clip while enjoying learning more about the finer points of the world of the oenophile.

 I always wonder what makes a particular wine unique, or what additional things make enjoying wine a special event. Partly, this is reason why I took up watching part of Oz and James' Big Wine Adventure--I could not find the final episodes :0(

Hopefully this little collection of Wine 101 articles on the WSJ can also be a helpful resource for your own dabbling or just general knowledge. As always, please enjoy responsibly!