Back to Reading

I've been reading, and reading a LOT. In about three and a half weeks or so I've read through the three Hunger Games books (recommended by my niece, and rightly so!), the three Millennium books (excellent books, heroine, and movies), Lady Chatterley's Lover (talked about TONS in my writing class over summer/fall), and I'm beginning The Road this week (Viggo Mortensen was in the movie, which I still need to see).

All this through the miracle of Kindle for iPhone and Mac! It's dangerous having so much great reading at one's fingertips ;o)

The Hunger Games are great books meant for young adults, but which stand up to adult readers as well...much in the way Harry Potter did. However, the final book was a little contrite and lengthy in plot. The conclusion was satisfactory, yet Hollywood-y. The character development was great, and the action was credible in most cases.

The Millennium books were really great reading...up till the third book again. It was overly convoluted, new characters and storylines were being introduced that left one puzzled as to what exactly would happen towards the end...if whether there was a fourth book that went missing somewhere. However, the conclusion was Hollywood-perfect and provided some healthy sense of satisfaction in regards to the heroine and most major characters.

I was reticent to pick up Lady Chatterley's Lover, because although it is quite an excellent period piece of classical literature, it gained quite a bit of notoriety when censorship cases went as high up as the Supreme Court back in the late 50s. After reading it I can affirm that it's by no means grotesque in the sexual scene descriptions, rather a solidly adult drama with a happy ending. This book must actually blush in comparison to what goes on in modern-day romance novels, I'm sure. It was very well written, and provides well-developed characters one can walk around in. The emotions are perfectly real, and the situations, although perhaps a little far fetched in regards to the good fortune of the protagonists, are also quite realistic. Nothing someone who's been in a relationship or two can't attest to.

All around I'm really enjoying my reading frenzy. I've sorely missed getting engrossed in good or at least enjoyable books.