Great Oatmeal Trick

On Saturday or Sunday, I decided I wanted to test out an oatmeal loaf experiment for quick breakfasts for work.

I used the rice cooker, as I usually do, to cook up 1 cup of instant Irish oatmeal and 1 cup of Quaker steel-cut oatmeal in the rice cooker, under the porridge setting (neuro fuzzy logic FTW!). Before closing the lid I added a sprinkle of walnuts and dried cherries.

Once the oatmeal was ready, I poured it in a Fiestaware loaf pan I purchased for this exact purpose. I tapped the pan on the counter and patted down the oatmeal making sure as much air was out as possible, then lightly covered the top with some plastic wrap and refrigerated it.

Come Monday morning, I simply sliced some off with a bread knife into my bento box, added a splash of almond milk, and a mini drizzle of organic maple syrup. Easy peasy oatmeal to go.

The other day I tried something a little different: I spread a teaspoon of organic peanut butter on top of the almond milk and maple syrup. Not bad at all. Great protein source early in the morning.

At work I just microwave it for a minute and dig in. It almost tastes like bread pudding. Luv it!

This and my IKEA, 20-oz beer mug full of freshly brewed loose leaf tea (I can see it steeping!) is making my workday run a little more smoothly--and a little more fun too.