Happy New Year!

Just got back last night from vacation. The thing I'll miss the most is the walking and the waking up whenever I felt like it. Those two are priceless lifestyle options in my book.

We visited bon temps city New Orleans. Last time I'd been was in the early to mid 80s and remember being scared by a voodoo museum and a weird vibe. The fun part was when my parents left me alone one night in the hotel room watching Fantasy Island with a huge in-room dining tray filled with a hamburger, fries, ice cream, and a coke. That was fun.

This visit didn't give me much to compare to pre-Katrina city standards. The French Quarter seemed perfectly vibrant, with a variety of amazing shops and dining establishments...usually filled to the brim and with queues lined up outside and around the bend.

Lots of tours took place, the Natchez took its guests to and fro on the mighty Mississippi. The weather was very variable, and at extremes from Sunday to Sunday. Monday, it was hovering at around 32F but with a spectacular sunshine, and for new years it was hovering around the 70s if I'm not mistaken, and very grey and rainy. Sunday was again cool.

Here's a slideshow of photos I captured during our stay. I have fond memories and am very glad we splurged on this trip. We had a good ole Cajun bon temps!