I Can Haz Arte Folclórico, Betsey Johnson Style

From Amazon
Around Halloween last year, I discovered an amazing jewelry project by Betsey Johnson. The jewelry pieces all feature pink, black, and heavy rhinestone incrustation--and little rose-topped skulls.

The skulls are 3D, feature the rhinestones in the front and heart-shape perforated gold metal all around the rear of the skull. The roses are enameled hot pink and feature two green-enameled leaves. There are little heart-shaped ornaments on the necklace to add interest.

When I first laid eyes on this collection (vampire slayer collection), images of Mexican folkloric art, the Lotería game, and sugar skulls flashed through my mind.

From BellaBacci
It's quirky as an everyday accoutrement, without doing the whole Hello Kitty/goth-loli thing. Though this is very much goth-loli appropriate. Though I see this as also being Valentine's day appropriate because of the hearts and girlish whimsy of the pieces.

Let's just hope the metal doesn't turn color too soon! I typically have that effect on non precious metal jewelry. So I'm planning on coating the earring leverback in clear nail polish to help preserve them. The necklace chain is a mini ball chain in a pewter gray.

I finally bought the shorter necklace and matching earrings at Von Maur during my lunch hour today. I've been pining after these since October, and I would really hate to miss the opportunity of getting them before they sell out--they're already hard to locate online.