In Search Of: Food Discoveries

Ever since I read The Millennium Books by Stieg Larsson, I've been liking Northern European snacks and cooking. There are a variety of quick sandwiches mentioned in the series that pique my interest as a foodie.

So much so, that I've been reading up almost everything available online that regards smorrebrod, or Scandinavian open face sandwiches. I'm working to collect highlights of my search via bookmarks on Delicious.

I've purchased the Ikea food book and The Scandinavian Cookbook and even refreshed my fondness for a television show called New Scandinavian Cooking (tons of great recipes and videos on the site) that I had so long ago watched on PBS.

One of the items that I see written about time and time again, in Scandinavian recipes and cookbooks, is the versatility of hard boiled eggs in sandwiches and with smoked salmon.

Hard boiled eggs are not something I've loved during my childhood (I used to gag and throw up even), but that I've grown to appreciate as I've aged. And these little orbs are definitely not something that I cook every day--scrambled, omeletted, and fried yes, but not hard-boiled.

I must have tried to make hard boiled eggs a grand total of 3 times in my life. My avoidance may have something to do with scorching my fingers very painfully, and therefore, attempting to obliterate the practice as a result.

Yet today was the day I would be successful over this pitiful little task. Yes sir. I made hard boiled eggs that rocked. That is, armed with a simple recipe from Martha Stewart! The trick was peeling the darned things. In enter eHow and its unending supply of amazingly useful tips and tricks.

Once the egg has been peeled, there's a number of serving options. The Scandinavians love to pile their open-face sandwiches high with thin slices of egg near the bread layer or on top as decoration.

Today, I chose to use my egg slicer for the first time. It features two slice options and regrettably, didn't figure out how to use one at a time until after I made a mess of my first, perfectly boiled egg. It was still delicious tough! Particularly with some HP sauce.

Sliced eggs can top a salad or open-faced sandwich adding a wonderful splash of color (white and golden) while beefing up the protein quotient. You can also make a simple egg salad sandwich by mixing chopped egg with giardiniera or chopped pickles and some mayo. The options are endless. Oh and don't forget that you can simply dispose of the yolk if you're watching your cholesterol, and just use the white part. Add a sprinkle of salt and pepper, and off you go.

This has been an amazingly busy three-day weekend, where I've done a ton of house chores, built two Ikea furniture pieces, and began learning JustBASIC...not to mention learned to finally make hard boiled eggs and use my egg slicer. I feel productive! ^_^ Now for a nap. ;oP