The New Astrology?

It apparently was a slow news day yesterday on Twitter, because many were abuzz, towards the end of the day, about some sort of new fault discovered in the astrology system we've been using.

Your sign isn't what you thought, they all said. You've been reading the wrong horoscope, some others said. The Inquisitor's article on this was my first dip into this newsbyte, and they make it quite convincing, this fearmonging. And yet... it's all WRONG!

The Baltimore Sun story seems to sum it all up: No Your Astrological Sign Hasn't Changed. This is what started this huge bru-haha. Astronomy and constellations should not be confused for Astrology and star signs. Duh!

Alas, what they didnt' tell you is that this "new" astrology system, that has just come to light, has actually been in use for ages in the East. All this big bru-haha is just talking about the old Sidereal vs. Tropical (Western) Astrology arguments.

When I got married, as part of our preparations, we went online and did our Vedic/Jyoti Astrology charts to help a Hindu priest determine the optimal time for our actual wedding vow exchange. I noticed that, besides finding out what caste (!) and jewel I was born to, I was now a pisces and not an Aries--at least under this system mind you.

In India, astrology plays an integral role in many religious and socially accepted activities. When it comes to marriage, it predetermines and helps determine all sorts of minute details pertaining to the happy couple:

  • determine when it's a good time to find a marriage match for a single son or daughter
  • whether the match that's been found has the correct horoscope for one's own son or daughter
  • what the date and time should be for the engagement to take place
  • what the date and time should be for the marriage to take place
  • what exact hour the wedding vow exchange should take place
And there's many more uses. Vedic astrology has an important role in most Hindus' lives from rising in the morning to going to bed at night.

So did you figure out what sign you are under the Sidereal Astrology system yet? Remember, astrology should only be consulted as a source of entertainment ;o)