Shakespeare's In Town

Last night I attended the opening night of a three-actor farse based on all of William Shakespeare's plays (dramas, comedies, apocrypha). It was titled: The complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) and it runs until this weekend--my ticket was only $5! A steal.

It was so fast and slapstick silly that you had to know a little about each storyline in order to catch the ever-so-subtle and hilarious mentions.
the intrepid trio behind this farse
photo borrowed from article linked above
The three young actors show great promise, each equally. They are current students and developed together a hilarious farse that melds our love and hatred for Shakespeare and his plays, while interspersing some modern culture in an unusual but very effective way.

One of the young actors,  Mark of Glen Ellyn, was an audience plant and was sitting right next to me...had I realized it sooner, I wouldn't have sat down and stuck my nose in the book (Uncommon Therapy by Jay Haley) I brought to keep me company till the play started. He exhibited the most range, acting as the ladies' roles in most of the acts.

Romeo and Juliet was my favorite, seconded only by the Othello Beastie Boys-style  rap.

I did leave at the intermission, however begrudgingly, as it was already 8:30 pm and I wanted to spend some time with the significant-other unit and Benny before I had to call curtains on the day.

This trio is extremely high-energy and takes advantage of and demolishes the fourth wall in such a masterful way, like few can.