A Source of Escapism, Lost

I've always thought of television, movies, and music as close seconds to Internet abuse as my favorite ways to escape unhappy times, stress, and the winter blahs. Too much winter blahs.

Since we haven't had television service for just about going on five weeks now--the DishNetwork antenna stopped working due to snow packing on the receiver back just before Christmas--it's been a little bit of agony extending into trauma and finally, psychological torture.

Two DishNetwork repairmen visits later, and after the last one said our house "just wasn't built for satellite service because it's so tall" we decided to terminate our service agreement with DN after six years. Each winter, ranging from mid-December to March, we have sporadic service, and we're frankly sick of paying for something that's so sporadic.

Well, today we had our first cable guy visit, Comcast came calling. Sadly, no one told the significant-other unit that since our unit had never been wired for cable from the box all the way across the townhome unit at the far South end, we would need a construction crew visit.

This requires authorization from our homeowner's association. No one thought of that again! The Comcast guy said, oh I thought that's just as matter of a quick call and a letter. Yeah except they take a long time to respond usually. Don't be a smart ass with me dude.

We've had three service guy visits in three weeks, and whomever's been servicing us over the phone hasn't been able to have enough onsite knowledge to give everyone a heads up of what may be required onsite for successful correction of issues or fix the problem outright. This is very silly people. It's costing time and money, and we don't have TV.

I told the significant-other unit that we've now had three visits by repair/install guys and that we stil don't have TV. That I started thinking the significant-other unit is the problem here, when three groups of people come and stuff doesn't get done right. Someone hasn't been asking the right questions on the phone.

Well...at least the Internet's still on *knocks on wood*

I've built a bookcase, a file cabinet, reorganized the plastic file boxes, files, and repaired the microwave oven's under light thing in three weeks. I'm exhausted.