Teevee Update

I've been having wayyyy too much fun on my Netflix lately.

I finally got a chance to see the last in the Millennium movies, The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets' Nest. I've been checking daily to see whether it becomes available on Instant, and it finally did.

It's a good movie, though it departs considerably from the book--but in a good way, I felt this last book was overly convoluted.

I also got hooked on Californication, the popular Showtime show about a sex-addled writer in LA who fumbles a-plenty but has his heart in the right place. Besides it's David Duchovny! I am finding I like Showtime shows, which reminds me, I also need to catch up on Dexter.

My Netflix DVD for the weekend was How To Train Your Dragon, a totally awesome animated movie about a boy and his friendship with a dragon in a world of angry, large vikings...with unusual Scottish accents. Excellent detail in the animation, very well rendered, and a neat plot and storyline.

Been doing a fair amount of watching lately, a perfect escape from a lackluster reading list lately, and also from the nasty, snowy, overly cold Chicagoland winter weather. ;o)

And to top off a great movie and show watching weekend...we finally have television service again, after a six-week absence. Comcast service seems to be all right, but the number of options that we would otherwise consider basic can be quite costly. And let's not bring up the phone service attendants, which leave a lot to be desired. All around, we're thrilled to have TV service again tho. And I can't wait to watch some good shows again, starting Monday evening with SyFy's Being Human...and yea...maybe squeeze in some Top Gear too ;o)