Time Travel

No. It's ok.
It was broken a long time ago. It's been like that for a while. Shuffled around sometimes. Like a tchotchke.

There's nothing wrong, it's just one of many. Manageable. Like anything else. Collector's item? Sure.

There's elements you can peruse. Pick apart. Fidget over. Discard. Glue back together.
But mostly there's only afterbirth. A little hardened by time. Left behind but not forgotten. Never forgotten. Evidence marked.
A leathery shield. Dry. Crackled. Polished by wear. Persistent. Always at the ready.

To see where it started, what started it, you'd have to look way back. Far back. Further yet. Go on. Nothing to be afraid of now. Back to once upon a time. I'll walk with you.

Back behind the swirling dust of leaving. Through gnarled streets of crowded. Underneath the no. Near manicured attitudes, but a little farther off.
Around the cobwebs of memory. Behind the boxes of regrets. Around the surprise of what could be.

Into and out of shadows. Squint past the shouts and banging. Straight through the I don't knows. Take a left at the tears. Silently past the moans. A right across the miles. Back to the beginning.

Barely there. The glint is gone, now. It's a hazy mirage of itself. Its former self. Obscure. Merely a sense of what was. Intangible anymore.
But it's there. You found it.

Now remember to let it go. Let it slip away.
Leave some battles behind. Walking the leap of faith. Standing on the plank of moving on. Left for another day.

The revolving door of now and tomorrow.