Food and Exercise: Battle for the Ages

I've been struggling with winter. I think the warm spell we had last week threw me off. Big time.

Today, I had this irresistible urge to get some fresh groceries at Trader Joe's to keep at the office.

I got a bag of butter lettuce and radichio, pre-cut pineapple, crumbled goat cheese, raw almonds, pre-cooked hard eggs, Ezekiel bread, and some light strawberry kefir. I made everything into a salad topped with lemon juice and a side of bread. And a small glass of kefir for dessert.

A well-rounded, but light meal with protein and loads of fresh, green leafy goodness. This helps me keep my mind off negative thought loops, like feeling cold, seeing gray outside, and nibbling food here and there.

I've been working out every day, 1/2 hour on the treadmill to lean up a little, since clothes are tight and tempers rising as a consequence. It's cabin fever, I tell myself. I decided I'm going to keep at it ANYWAY. Out of spite of that little naggy voice inside that says: give up! it's useless!

Worse of all, I'm developing a complex against the significant-other unit, since he has a fully-equipped gym ten steps from his cubicle, with a trainer who gives him new exercises to try on a periodical basis. Talk about having the odds stacked up against you. I feel like a clueless giant lost in a maze of fog.

I find that action movies tend to distract me the best while on the treadmill. So I'm capitalizing on my Netflix Instant queue.

So, as I'm working to keep my meals limber and vegetable-oriented, I've re-evaluated everything. I try to think back about what I did differently in my 20s, but I think it just comes down to metabolism catching up to my age! *sigh*

I've learned not to focus on the negative thoughts, instead, to turn them into solutions. Each solution is a baby step. It's energy focused on fixing. One thing at a time.

Hopefully by spring I'll be feeling much better. I'll be able to go outside more. Take longer walks with Benny again. And take photos of weird, cool nature stuff.

Walking in thigh-high snow isn't exactly exhilarating, though it does give you quite an adrenaline shot when ice-cold snow packs inside your hiking boots. But now that all the snow's melted, it's muddy and there's puddles everywhere. Not much fun.

It's tough living in the icy tundra of Illinois in winter time. *sigh* Come soon spring. We miss ya.