Remember When: Ramble

I was updating my blogs last night, and one of the things I did was revisit the "About" tab I recently added.

I had to verify which blog I came out with first, second, and so on, to update the "started on" years correctly on each blog.

Well, one of my discoveries, one that I can't hardly believe, is that I've had this blog since 2005.

So who was I in 2005? What was important to me back then? I remember the day I signed up on blogger (pre-Google) and wrote my first post. It was spring and I was anxious about the future--when aren't I though?

This blog was meant as a diary of sorts, to keep track of things that happened or interesting things that captured my attention, but I so very seldom go back and review posts...particularly that far back. I've never been a diary keeper.

In 2005 I was a couple of years removed from turning 30. I was trying to survive in a sea of change at work, and also going back every so often and revisiting how to best focus my energy. I was examining other  career paths, and pursued a certificate in marketing to make myself more relevant in a changing office.

Although staying relevant and bringing value is a constant challenge for me, I would like to think I've more or less found a way to beat down a path in that wilderness. But I still seek ways and means to bring value forward and that can bring me back remuneration of some sort: professional growth, money, move up one more rung in the ladder...etc. This is an ongoing struggle, but I have hope.

In some ways I've come a long way, and in some others, I am still hesitating among the shadows. But all around, I feel I am better equipped to handle the uncertainties that may come my way.

One thing for sure, I am still thankful I found my significant-other ball and chain. :o) Although I often complain more than I am thankful for, without all our shared experiences, what would I be able to complain so much about? Now I have so much fodder :oP

Cheers to remembering! Especially when one can do so without getting down about it.