Starbucks Gold

I've been a good Starbucks card customer during 2010, so much so, that I've now reached gold level--when you reach gold level and have 15 points, you get a postcard for a free drink. Each additional 15 points, you get another postcard. And so on.

But it's not all been selfish, since by using my (Starbucks) RED cards, each purchase counts towards a donation to the (Product) RED campaign.

I received my free drink postcard last week, and today was the day I picked to use it. I opted for a brand new drink I've never had before at Starbucks: venti iced green tea soy latte.

I can only compare it to the delicious green tea parfait I usually get at Re Leaf in Mitsuwa Marketplace in Arlington Heights. Delish.

I just wish the barista had stirred the bottom a little bit better. The tea powder and syrup coagulated a little, but nothing a few stirs of the straw didn't fix.

om nom nom