Annual Physical and Diet Revamp

I've been scheduling a number of medical-related appointments over the last two weeks. It's a weird health kick I've been on lately.

Last week I had a physical and blood panel and it all turned out well.

I scheduled two one-on-one yoga classes--one was last week and one was this week. Then ended up signing up for a six-week fundamentals class as well.

Then I made an appointment with a nutritionist to help me figure out what I'm doing wrong in regards to portion size, schedule, and protein. Fats and protein are very good friends of mine from now on.

I reckon, I'm all set now. I've been set straight.

Oh. And last night my mom and I had a girl's nite out at a pub, in honor of her open-heart surgery one-year anniversary. Which is probably why I got into this health vein this month, subconsciously, to begin with.

Don't you love it when things work out logically? ^_^;