Personal Pride and Perseverance

Last week I received my Masters Degree diploma in the mail. I've been an MSWC, technically, since December 31 of last year. But now I have the papers to back that up. Nothing beats having something solid in front of your eyes, and in your hand.

After jumping up and down and squealing like a little girl in the kitchen, by myself, I immediately filled out and mailed the form to request the university-branded, padded folder. This will keep my diploma safe for posterity in my filing cabinet, next to my Graduate Certificate in Organizational Psychology.

I'm really thrilled about this you guys!

Even if my diplomas don't bring about much change in my current career *crosses fingers*  I anyway went through two years of hard work in order to achieve a personal goal--it adds value to me as a person in my own eyes. And it will help me build a strong foundation for my future when the need arises.

But I wouldn't mind a raise, especially now when I'm saddled with student loan debt! EEK. LOL

It's kind of neat figuring out personal and professional goals. This is new for me. This is a personal growth opportunity. I didn't always have goals, and I still mostly don't. In my life, I can easily count the times I've felt like I've been floundering or floating around like a balloon. Buffeted by whatever wind may be blowing at the time.

They say hindsight is 20/20 vision--and they're not kidding. I've just recently been able to see a lot of work through a lot of years that slowly moved me towards where I am now. Decisions and turning points that were not immediately evident at the time.

My going back to school has helped me figure out the importance and benefits of thinking ahead and making structured plans. That way, one is much more likely to get to their objectives--and get somewhere solid.

I've never been a patient person, but I strongly believe in the power of perseverance. Perseverance definitely pays off.