Aging Can Be Fun

At least that's what I'm telling myself! I'll repeat it three times and it'll come true, right? ;o)

I had a really great b-day getting lots of treats and treatments, and capping off a gorgeously, and unexpectedly so, sunny Saturday. Spring sprung into Summer, it would seem. But you won't find me complaining about that any time soon! I even got to wear flip flops two days in a row. I'll take it, yes siree!

Although I did get to hear about my age spots from my facial esthetician too, which brought on a new regime to help manage wrinkles, age spots, and skin congestion. I updated my beauty blog (Learn: Dealing with Congested Skin) with the latest on this.

I also had my hair cut, but because I haven't had a straightening treatment in over four months, it's not looking as good as it could. I'm determining whether I want to risk using the keratin straightening treatments again at the salon, which carry with them the potential for formaldehyde derivates and scary thoughts.

Not to mention, I need to order contact lenses, I want to wean away from my glasses and into cool, dark shades for the hotter weather!

But with the recent passing of one of my grandmothers, and with added responsibilities at work, and my continuous pondering about my future goals...there's lots of more serious things to think about. I do have a lot to plan out and think over lately.

But sometimes it's nice to dwell on the easy, silly things, to kind of escape the darkness and heaviness of some of the other things. I guess it's my way of procrastinating sometimes!

Lets hope this year ahead brings lots of wisdom and proactive thinking. And lots and lots of sunny days to walk Benny around the nearby fields, he really had a blast these past two days!