Chicago's Crazy Drivers

Today I was harassed while driving on I-88 all the way to Eola Road in Aurora IL. The driver suddenly decided he didn't want to let me drive.

He speeded through the express lane on I-88 at one point suddenly stopping and then got tired of the cars in front of him and started speeding through the emergency lane. I thought that was the end of it, but then I saw the car again on the ramp from I-88 to Eola Road.

On Eola Rd the driver began weaving very fast between two lanes going South. There was no one on the road ahead for miles. He was impeding my passing him or even driving behind him. He apparently had a problem with me. So I gave him the international sign of stick it up your @ss, and hid behind a pick up truck.

The maniac finally got lost. Too bad too, I was just about to pull out my iPhone and start recording him.

What is the proper way to handle an insane driver? I called the Aurora police department and reported what happened and the car description. It was an old model Mercedes AMG in silver, and had Illinois Police Association license plates.

This is the last time I go out without my camera.