Feeling Better on a Healing Path

I used to blame my neck pain on work stress. But then it got so bad, that I stopped being able to turn my head left to check my car's blind spot when driving. Ouch!

I used to blame it on sitting all day at work in front of a computer--and all the crazy workload that made me hunch up my shoulders in a fight vs flight mode. When my back and hips started to get in the action, I really couldn't take it anymore. And I was getting crabbier my the minute at home!

I was desperate for relief. Even the monthly therapy massages at my local Massage Envy were not enough.  So I finally gave in and noted down a chiropractor's name and contact information from a coworker, who had been getting treatment for her back problem.

The chiro's office was so close to our office, a lunch hour visit would leave plenty left over to go grab some food. Plus, the chiro was covered under our insurance network. Seemed pretty reasonable.

So I started seeing the chiropractor, Dr. Kitty Yon (Dr. Kitty), at The Centre for Chiropractic Health in Lombard, IL. After an initial educational session she proceeded to analyze the trouble points extensively, and developed a treatment plan suited to helping each trouble spot.

The treatment involved manipulation, electro-stim therapy, and massage--the latter of which I was already getting on my own. There was also some stretching exercises that she recommended I do at home--this made me work the plan, and plan to work it!

That's when it finally dawned on me. Moving and stretching play a vital role to counteract today's very different, sedentary lifestyle. The laziness about posture and the little things, creeps up on you if you're not paying attention. That's what happened to me, I stopped paying attention.

In about a month's time of the treatments, my neck ligaments were beginning to loosen up and the pain was reducing exponentially. I even bought an exercise ball, which helped with an exercise Dr. Kitty assigned me to help stretch and flex my hips and thighs.

Stretches, good sitting posture, and relaxed shoulders are the new me. It requires a certain amount of discipline and self-checking but it really pays off in pain-free and looser joints and body parts.

So now that I'm on the once a month maintenance schedule, I'm really happy that I learned so much about my body and how to help it stay healthy. That's what healthy ergonomics and posture correction can do for you. I finally get it now.

Now, if I could only lose those extra pounds ;o)