Support Local Businesses, Go Indie!

I had a great day today. Not only did I wake up late and snuggled with Benny for like 1/2 an hour before getting up, but I also had a girly pampering/shopping extravaganza roadtrip going too.

One of the best ways I know how to make sure my favorite stores stay open is to visit them and tell all my friends and family members about them. Downtown Aurora is actually pretty spectacular when I get to drop by during days off on weekdays.

Aurora Downtown FTW
Today I finally got to use my Groupon at 7 West, a studio featuring local artists' art, jewelry, and other creations.

I came away with a sense of how awesome local artists are, pretty much in an Etsy but around my neighborhood kinda way. I got a gorgeous hand-made, glass pendant on a silver chain that closes with a magnetic (very strong too!) closure.

I also got a small, long bamboo tray hand-painted with sakura flowers and a black bird, which I will use as a wall hanging in my office.

There was also some great home-made massage/moisturizing oil bottles. The oil--a mixture of olive, geranium, sandalwood, rose, and grapeseed--is great for just after the shower or to rub into your shoulders or other achey points.

7 West will have a special theme night event on June 4, and another August 4. Keep an eye on this awesome little shop. Although their hours are a little restricted due to the owner-operator's other commitments, it's really worth it to drop by and check it out.

I went across the street after to the River's Edge Cafe, which I've heard great things about and have been dying to try out. I had a great skim chai for only $3.30 (!).

The interior is a great rehabbed old building, with tuck-pointed brick walls and very nice window treatments, and wall art. Lots to take in. Including a very family-oriented, relaxing atmosphere.

I couldn't help but stare out the back door to a little alleyway filled with doors and windows. It looked like a perfect photo opportunity for my next visit.

Geneva Commons Shopping Haven
I also went to Geneva Commons in Batavia earlier in the day, and a grand self-pampering shopping spree for some essentials and new favorites at stores like Gap, Francesca's Collectibles, and Sephora.

Capped off a great outing with a quick lunch at Tom and Eddie's (my fave burger joint) where instead of delving into my trusty favorite, the ahi burger, I jumped the shark and tried the edamame burger. It was spectacular, with an eggplant/tomato sauce and a great mild goat cheese. The crispy and gingery edamame patty was really spectacular. Would have that again in a heartbeat.

Hurray for fun outings and days off. I really, really needed today. Me can haz happy grin :D