Drive-by Harassment

Two of the crosses I bear, every day of my life, are poor body image and being targeted for quick, drive-by style harassment.

With an anger management issue on top, this sundae's getting kind of top heavy, and quite a handful to deal with.

But as with anything I approach I take it one action, one step, and one day at a time.

I'm just really troubled by these instances about the harassment, however, and I'm torn between self-doubt and preemptive strike as approaches to help curb the ocurrences.

And then I realize, someone's reaction is ALL about them, not me nor what I was looking like, or wearing, or thinking at the time. It's all about a negative thought inside their head, that they let grow out of proportion and out of control, long enough to let it escape out of their head into their lips. Like a virus.

Their love and compassion switch was misfunctioning at the time.

This is exactly the time to get your teflon suit out, because just like this pressure vent release they experienced, your reaction can becone a runaway steam vent too.

And that would be a shame. Just get on with the day. Make it all it can be, notwithstanding the little bump in the road. Roads are naturally bumpy.

At least, that's my philosophy, and I'm sticking to it. Damn it.