TV Show Watching Update

I've gotten all caught up on Supernatural over the last month, from the first episode all the way to last season's finale. It's a smarty-pants horror show that reminds me of the old Hitchhiker or Friday the 13th TV shows from the 80s into the nineties.

I also got caught up to all of Syfy's Sanctuary TV show, with the last episode offering a future-techie version of an old vampire queen--bringing out one of my favorite characters, Nikola Tesla.

I also lol got caught up to Castle, a really awesome crime show focused on the platonic relationship between a murder-mystery writer and the young and very attractive police detective he shadows. There hasn't been this great platonic relationship since the X-Files, Remington Steele, or Moonlighting. Which makes me think this one's a gem from an old-time TV show fanatic group of writers, from back in the days when we had Hart to Hart and Magnum PI. This show also brings with it legions of Firefly/Serenity fans who loved Nathan Fillion as the intrepid captain and space cowboy, though as Castle, he really gets to exercise his subtlety skills very well.

I have had a little bit of spare time to do other things too, mind you, but nothing beats the pleasure of watching well-written TV shows that bring you back for more...without having to wait a week in-between episodes!