Watching: Supernatural

Over the past two to three weeks, I got hooked on the TV show Supernatural.

I had been interested in picking it up, or at least watch an episode since the fall of 2009. That was when I occasionally put CW on for the Vampire Diaries, and as a consequence, happened to see one or two Supernatural commercials.

The show is about a younger and older brother teaming up to take over the family vocation of getting rid of demons and harmful ghosts. We witness their adventures and misadventures as they take road trips all over the states--and once briefly overseas.

Surprisingly, the writers have been able to keep the show fresh after six seasons. Yeah, you read that right, six!

Just when you thought there was nothing complicated about ghost killing, they come up with a twist like the girl ghost's doll which had human hair that needed to be destroyed, or a school mistress that was actually trying to save people and not harm them during a ghost hunting convention weekend--it was her wards who were doing the scalping.

The slightly blood-curdling ghostie premise to each episode bring equal parts camp and adventurer. I haven't had this much fun watching a horror TV show since the days of Outer Limits or The Hitchhiker. Seriously.

Under the surface, this show is all about the underlying fundamentals of growing up into who you're meant to be, family ties of the blood-relatives and friends kinds, and making a choice that seemed right at the time but turned out otherwise work out in the end. Basically, also known as landing on your feet however and wherever you may find youself.

This show's entertaining because there's action and horror--and lots of guy and gal eyecandy to boot--but mostly because they manage to make you care for complex characters that you slowly get to know as your time with them grows on.

I must admit that I recently noticed that I've begun to look up to the Dean character. He grew up a lot beyond his usual street smart self. Though, my all time favorite character is Cas(tiel) the angel, since he sounds like a chewed out gumshoe, and yet is a running gag of naivete.

I am now officially caught up to current episodes and can't wait to see what else is in store for our guys.